Our Services


Cleaning and polishing of teeth removing build up that irritates gums and causes decay.


Professional application of Fluoride varnish has shown to reduce cavities. Fluoride inhibits loss of minerals from enamel and encourages remineralization or strengthening of weakened spots in the enamel.


Resin material applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth to fill in the deep pits and grooves preventing food from building up in these areas and therefore helping protect them from cavities.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Discuss and demonstrate proper techniques for effective home care.

Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

Discuss importance of healthy diet and snacking to help maintain good oral health.

Oral Habit Counselling

Discuss thumb/ finger and pacifier habits, including some hints to help motivate the child to stop. Also to address the impact of these habits in jaw growth and development.

Comprehensive Exam

Thorough examination of dentitions, soft tissues and jaws. These will diagnose cavities, developing jaw or orthodontic problems, screen for cancer or other diseases.

Orthodontic Screening

Each visit we look at the child’s jaw development and occlusion so we can diagnose developing problems and refer to a specialist at the appropriate time.


The use of x-rays is considered a necessary component of a thorough dental examination. Without x-rays, we are unable to detect small cavities between the teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, abscesses or other diseases that do not become obvious until they have progressed to a severe level. X-rays are recommended only when necessary to protect your child’s health.

Composite Fillings

White, tooth colored fillings. These are made of plastic and glass resin material. They bond directly to the tooth so less tooth structure is removed. They are durable and reist fracture in small to mid size restorations.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Pre-fabricated crown forms that adapted to the individual tooth. It is a relatively inexpensive, durable restoration used where the tooth has extensive decay or enamel defects.


Removal of the nerve in the crown portion of a tooth. It is recommended for a tooth that has extensive decay into the pulp but has not yet abscessed.


Cosmetic fillings added to the front teeth to restore the tooth after trauma or to repair cosmetic defects. There is minimal removal of tooth structure for this procedure.

Nitrous Oxide - “Laughing gas”

The use of Nitrous oxide has been shown as a safe, effective technique to reduce anxiety and decrease pain during a dental appointment. The child will still be awake and talking throughout. It has rapid onset and is flushed from the child’s system very quickly.

In office Sedation

Our office utilizes pediatric anesthesiologists – Horizon Anesthesia Group – to administer General Anesthesia to patients in our office. This is reccommended for children with severe dental anxiety, children with special needs or those requiring extensive dental treatment.

Space Maintainers

These are recommended when a primary tooth has fallen out or has been extracted prematurely. These appliances will prevent the other teeth in the mouth from drifting into the space the primary tooth occupied allowing space for the permanent tooth to erupt. These appliances include band and loops, lower lingual holding arches, as well as Nance appliances.

Habit Appliances

When a child is unable to stop a thumb or finger habit on their own we recommend placing a thumb appliance to assist in stopping. This is used as a last resort when the patient has tried and is motivated to stop habit but is just not able to.

Sports Guards

Mouth guards are strongly recommended when playing any sport that has a risk of orofacial injury. Our office can fabricate custom guards to help prevent injury to the dentition.

Night Guards

Most children grind their teeth in their sleep at some time in their lives. If this bruxism (teeth grinding) is causing pain to the child or excessive wear to the dentition it is recommended to fabricate a custom guard to prevent jaw problems, wear on the dentition, nerve